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DLECTO natural viagra is a product of ancient royal Chinese recipe combined with modern lab technology based in Thailand. It was first introduced in Thailand in 2014 and has been widely embraced among health-conscious men who enjoy feeling young. Today, DLECTO is recognized as Asia's #1 natural viagra for men with over 500,000 male users worldwide.

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DLECTO's elite team of doctors and biochemists have collaborated to create the most herbal male enhancement supplement. With over 20 years of experience, and 5 years of research, the new natural viagra is created. It is formulated to help men last longer naturally, gain more confidence and enjoy the ultimate sexual experience with their partner.

DLECTO natural viagra laboratory

Our biochemists asked more than 700 people to test over 150 versions of this herbal viagra. Testers used it and had sex with their partners in and outside of their bedrooms. They performed in various positions. They were even asked to do sex marathons during weekends. The result: men who used DLECTO herbal viagra lasted longer in bed at an average of 18 minutes. That’s already double the time than the 7-minute-average other men can last.

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FDA Registration Number: 13-1-06355-1-0034

Manufactured by Thanat Herb Panich Part., Ltd.
16/17 Klong Si East Road, Klong Luang, Pathum Thani, Thailand.

Licensed and Distributed by Above Co., Ltd.
229 Fuangnakorn Road, Wangburapapirom, Phranakorn, Thailand.

Made in Thailand

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